Comfort Quilters
The Burlington Quilters’ Guild maintains a robust and very active charity quilting program called “Comfort Quilts.”  

The program was started in 1995 with just a few members creating roughly ten charity quilts in its first year, and almost all of these were tied quilts.  Since then, Comfort Quilts has significantly increased its output and the program regularly  donates hundreds of quilts annually, most of these are now quilted on long-arm machines. 


Comfort Quilts has also expanded the scope of deliverables to include a multitude of fabric creations, such as teddy bears, therapy dolls, pillow cases, medical wrist restraints, doctor bags, wheel chair bags, fidget quilts, and dog beds.


Who benefits from Comfort Quilts?

Comforts Quilts strives to get its quilts and other creations into the hands of those in need of relief and comfort. Items are delivered directly to individuals and through charitable entities and public service organizations, such as veteran’s organizations, Quilts For Kids, police and fire departments, hospitals, shelters, nursing homes, and animal shelters.

Who supports Comfort Quilts?

Volunteers are the most vital source of support for Comfort Quilts. Volunteers help sort fabric, create quilt kits, assemble quilt tops, provide quilting services, attach bindings, distribute quilts and other items. Comfort Quilts is graciously funded in part by the Burlington Quilters’ Guild and Quilters’ Connection. Additionally, the group is supported by donations from a variety of sources, including fellow quilters and quilt shop owners. Donations include fabric yardage, quilt tops, batting, sewing supplies, cash donations and fundraising activities.

How can someone participate in Comfort Quilts?

Anyone is encouraged to participate, even if not a guild member. Here are some ways to be involved: -Attend a Comfort Quilting Bee held biweekly in Burlington -Complete a quilt top from a pre-made kit -Apply the binding to quilt -Contribute long-arm or domestic machine quilting services -Make a donation to Comfort Quilts

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